Welcome! My name is Bill Waxman and you have found your way into my online domain! I am a native and current resident of Phoenix, Arizona. I put this site up as a quick way to get some information about me as well as a portal to a few important links. I hope you find this site pleasing and useful. Feel free to shoot me an email anytime at site@billwaxman.com

Posted by Bill Waxman on May 19, 2009

General Bio


I was born March 6, 1978 (Pisces) into an eventual family of five of which I am the eldest of 3 brothers (First Born). My primary hobbies include Bowling, Golf, Video Games, Reading and Old/Interesting movies. Some of my future goals include breaking an 18 handicap in golf, visiting all 50 United States, and completing the Wheel of Time Series (Robert Jordan) later this year. Along the side of this page, I've added some facts and figures about me! Have a great day!!

Posted by Bill Waxman on May 22, 2009